Arcadia Operating LLC has been a part of the Texas petroleum industry since shortly after the discovery of the great East Texas oil field in the late 1920’s. Founded December 18, 1929 by Gustavus A. Buder, a prominent attorney and business man from St. Louis, Missouri, Arcadia initially pursued the business of purchasing mineral and royalty interests which ultimately evolved into the acquisition of existing production. Arcadia soon acquired considerable interests throughout Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. The Buder family owned and played an active role in the direction of Arcadia’s business dealings for nearly sixty years. Both G.A. Buder, Jr. and G.A. Buder III served as directors of the exploration and production company. 

In the 1960’s Arcadia began to purchase lease hold and develop internal drilling programs.  With this expansion into exploration, Arcadia’s future and its growth potential began to come into focus. Many industry projects were put together giving rise to new ideas and innovations for the company. Arcadia became an operator of over 350 wells, owned non-op working interest in over 400 others, and began a subsidiary oil field supply company.  At the height of the 1970’s oil boom, Arcadia had three field offices and four oil field supply stores. Given this heritage, Arcadia assembled a museum made up of oil field equipment from the pioneering days of the early Texas oil business, which today resides in the East Texas Oil Museum.  The company also contributed oils derricks to the City of Kilgore, which currently reside in the downtown area. 

The plummeting price of oil as well as the death of G.A. Buder, Jr. prompted the Buder family to put Arcadia on the market in 1986. As previously mentioned, Republic Petroleum Corporation under the direction of Mr. Kyle R. Burnett acquired Arcadia in December of 1986 maintaining the management team and merging all of Republic’s assets into Arcadia. By leveraging a combination of his own oil and gas management experience along with the deep rooted reputation and history of Arcadia Exploration and Production, Mr. Burnett was able to substantially grow Arcadia through many acquisitions such as the 1994 purchase of the famed Talco Field in Titus and Franklin County, Texas from Hinton Production Company.

The Hinton acquisition in 1994 also included properties in the Pearsall (Austin Chalk) Field in Frio County.  Arcadia added to its position in Frio County by purchasing other working interest in the field.  Also, Arcadia reentered, recompleted and drilled several horizontal wells between 2001 and 2004.  After creating considerable additional value of the property in the ten years of its operations, Arcadia sold its interest in the Pearsall Field at the end of 2004.

In the period of 2004 through 2007 Arcadia assisted its companion company Triumph Pacific with its acquisition and operation of properties in the Peace River area of British Columbia, Canada.  Various drilling licenses were obtained and renewed during this time and Triumph’s Portage #8-23-81-26 well was drilled in the beginning of 2007.  Triumph sold its interest in the area at the end of 2007.  However, as a result of these operations, Arcadia obtained extensive knowledge of operations in the British Columbia area. 

In 2005, Arcadia assisted in the formation of Bagby Energy, LLC.  Its various holdings included property in Tarrant County, Texas to further develop the Barnett Shale reservoir.  There were numerous wells drilled on its Woodland Estates Units that are still producing to this day.  In conjunction with the drilling of these Barnett Shale wells, Arcadia was also involved along with Bagby in the drilling of a commercial SWD well (Vortex #1 SWD) in Johnson County to help with the salt water disposal issue of Barnett Shale wells in the area.  Bagby sold its interest in those properties in 2010. Again, additional knowledge and experience was obtained as a result of the development of these properties.

In 2009, a newly acquired project called the Rose Joint Venture was started that included properties in mostly Tyler and Polk Counties, Texas.  There have been over fifty wells drilled under this project and the project continues to be developed.  While the wells are operated by Davis Southern Operating Co., LLC, Arcadia manages the non-operated interest of Burnett Petroleum Company in this venture.

Arcadia drilled three wells in Tyler County, Texas in 2010/2011 known as the BP Mercy Seat #1 and #2 wells and the Rhodes Unit #1 well and continues to operate all three, thus expanding its experience in East Texas operations.

Arcadia drilled several wells in Grant Parish, Louisiana in 2013 and after a rocky start, it drilled the BLM well which is producing successfully to date.  The success of the BLM well led to the drilling of its BODCAW well to the north which has also proved to be a success as well, thus opening up the area for additional exploration.