Arcadia Operating LLC  is a privately held operating company and successor to Arcadia Exploration and Production Company which was founded in 1929 and originally headquartered in Tyler, Texas. In 1990 Arcadia moved it's headquarters to Dallas, Texas. Arcadia's operations are currently focused in the Southern, Gulf Coast and  Eastern regions of Texas. Arcadia is and has been a benchmark Texas operating company since it's inception and now enjoys displays of its 93 years of existence in the East Texas Oil Museum, downtown Kilgore oil derrick and at Kilgore College.  Over the years, Arcadia has consistently performed as an operator supervising exploration and exploitation projects on thousands of oil and natural gas wells. Our aim is on consistent results in an industry teeming with uncertainty. Arcadia leverages its nearly a century worth of experience with hard work, expertise and the utilization of the latest technology to continue to build on its sound performance based reputation. With this results driven philosophy in mind, we will continue “working the oilfield” with efficiency, industry and know-how  thereby continuing the success established over the many years since our founding.